The Master's inner life: The Master's miracle-power

The inner life of a spiritual Master the world will never know. One disciple has written my biography and others have written about me, but if I had to record my inner life, there would be hundreds of books, many, many volumes, like the Indian Mahabharata. The inner life of a spiritual Master is infinitely more meaningful than his outer life.

All spiritual Masters have an inner life. In that inner life, billions of things take place; only unfortunately, they are not recorded. And if the Master himself does not tell them, if he himself does not write them down, then who is going to record it? In the outer life how many things take place? In my outer life I have shown a few miracles. I am totally against showing them, but I have shown a few miracles. But in the inner life, there is not even a single day, I tell you, that I do not perform miracles.

Here we have to know what kind of miracles a Master performs. Let us say that a disciple allows himself to fall into the depths of depression, into the abyss of depression. At that time, if the Master pulls up the individual even one inch higher, is this not a miracle? The disciple is going down, down; and the Master is pulling. To raise the consciousness of a seeker in the inner world, is this not a real miracle? In the case of my disciples, if I did not hold and raise their consciousness at every moment, then I tell you my boat would become empty immediately. This is the real miracle that I do in the inner world.

We have to know what kind of miracles we need. The kind of miracles that some Masters do will not elevate our consciousness even an iota. If we have curiosity, our curiosity will be fed by these kinds of miracles. But when it is a matter of elevating our consciousness, raising our standard to where we are receiving Peace, Light and Bliss, that is the real inner miracle. The outer world does not have any peace of mind. The outer world is like a mad elephant. But when we pray and meditate, the joy and peace that we receive, is that not a miracle? In this world to get a little peace, an iota of peace, is the real miracle. For human beings to have a little peace for a few seconds, is a real, divine miracle.