Question: When I think of you, are you aware of my thought?

Sri Chinmoy: While you are eating potatoes and tomatoes, if just an idea comes to you that Guru is nice or Guru has a sweet smile, that idea will not come and strike me. But when you think of me sincerely and devotedly, immediately that idea comes to my soul's abode. If it is a most urgent thought, immediately my soul will give me the message. When a major decision is going to take place, if something most important is taking place, if something is changing your nature, if you are aspiring like a mounting flame, then these thoughts immediately knock at my heart's door. Then my soul will come and tell my physical being, and I will respond immediately.

At night when I meditate, I get all the important messages from my dearest disciples. I might not say anything in the outer world because the Supreme has told me that it is not to be dealt with on the outer plane, but if anything has gone wrong, I will know. My inner beings are like my emissaries. They come and give me information about everything. Sometimes I get such sad information about the impurity of the vital, and sometimes good news about the aspiration of the soul. My inner beings roam and they give me authentic information. Sometimes I shed tears of joy; sometimes I shed bitter tears.

We have to know where we actually stand. Those who have accepted me as their Guru, as their spiritual Master, have made an inner connection with me. In some cases, it is extremely tight; in others it is looser. If a disciple is extremely close to me and wholeheartedly devoted to me, if he soulfully listens to my inner and outer requests, then this disciple is bound to have a close inner bond with me. If the Master tells him to jump from the Empire State Building, this kind of disciple will do it immediately. There will be no hesitation. That does not mean that the Master will ask him to jump from the Empire State Building. No! But his inner love, his inner oneness will make him feel that his Master is totally and unreservedly for him. For disciples like this, no matter what I am doing, even if I am in my highest meditation, if they are in need of help, I have to go to them. Others I cannot help in this way.

Again, if I want to know something about my other disciples, immediately I can do it. But that kind of intervention I will not make. When I was in India, I did it many times, but I felt that I really created more problems for these people. Then, they would never dare to think of anything. It was all torture for them, since they knew that I would be able to tell. It was because of my love for them that I did this, but still they were tortured.

So I always say, "Enjoy. But do not enjoy to such an extent that you will feel that you are totally lost." To the disciples I say, "When you are in front of me, try to remain in your highest consciousness. When you are outside my immediate aura, try to remain your purest." But I wish to tell all my sincere disciples not to do anything which you cannot do right in front of me. If you want to be my dearest disciples, do not do anything that you cannot do right in my presence. Do not say anything that you cannot say to me. If you have that kind of living connection and living oneness with me, then no matter where I am, whether I am here or in India or Japan, you are protected by the Supreme in me.

So I am praying to all of you, always try to feel the Supreme inside your heart. We have to always behave as though the Supreme is not only inside us, but outside us, around us and constantly aware of us. Otherwise, the moment you leave this meditation hall, you will go to the cafeteria or some place and squander all your spiritual truth and spiritual achievements. I have seen many times that when you leave the meditation hall, you throw your spiritual wealth into the street.