Devotion for the Master — The disciple's devotion: a talk to disciples

To all my disciples I wish to say that your hearts are not at my feet. They are already well placed in the inmost recesses of my heart. My heart is composed of two things — Eternity's Concern and Infinity's Love.

What you need is receptivity, more receptivity and most receptivity. The more receptive you are, the sooner I shall be able to give you what God wants from you, what your soul wants from you and what I want from you. Only be receptive. When you are receptive you not only get divine qualities, but you also get God Himself.

I cherish your hearts. I cherish and treasure each disciple's heart, for that is the only thing that I shall eternally need from each of you. To all the members of the Centre I wish to say that your hearts are invaluable. It is your hearts that have compelled me to give you what I have and what I am. What I have is Eternity's Concern and what I am is sweetest love.

I love you all. I love you infinitely, infinitely, infinitely more than you love yourselves. You doubt yourselves, you belittle yourselves and you hate yourselves. Sometimes you even go to the length of destroying yourselves. But I do not do that. I would never, never dare to hate you or belittle you, not to speak of hurting you, striking you or killing you. I know who you are. You are God's chosen instruments. In you not only do I see God, the Supreme, but there have been quite a few occasions when I have seen some of you as God Himself. I want to see everybody as God Himself.

Some of you, perhaps, have seen me meditating early in the morning at the playground where we go to practise athletics. You would stand in a queue and I would stand facing you. With folded hands we would meditate. There were quite a few mornings when I saw all the disciples, without exception, as God Himself. My vision was absolutely correct. I didn't see God inside them; I saw them as God Himself.

So, dearest ones, your hearts are not at my feet. Your hearts are inside the very depths of my ever-increasing gratitude. When you place your heart at my feet, it is not my aspiration, my realisation, my revelation or my manifestation that is glorified. When you place something at my feet, at that time your devotion increases, your oneness with me increases, the perfection within you increases. My realisation has not increased one inch on seeing that you have placed your aspiring heart at my feet. But my realisation tells me that all those who have placed their hearts at my feet have increased their devoted oneness with me. They have done absolutely the right thing in order to increase their own spiritual height and spiritual depth.

When I ask you to fold your hands, please feel this is a supreme necessity. When you fold your hands, please feel that I am not the one who is getting your devotion. I don't deserve it. It is the Supreme in me who gets it. When you fold your hands, at that time your entire being swims in the sea of devotion and your physical being becomes conscious of the reality inside you. The physical mind is very treacherous, but even the physical mind gets devoted qualities when you fold your hands or show your devotion.

So the supreme secret is always to approach the Master with utmost devotedness. Devotion is the sweetest relationship between a Master and the disciple. Inside this devotion, what will eventually loom large is your inseparable oneness. The Master does not get and does not deserve your devotion. Only the Supreme in you and the Supreme in him deserves your devotion. When you fold your hands or when you place something at my feet, immediately your devotedness, your aspiration and your divinity increase. So the only way to approach the Master is with utmost devotion.

Tomorrow I shall be leaving this Centre and going back to New York. When I go, I shall not be going alone. I shall be carrying you inside the very depths of my heart. And when you go somewhere, you will not go alone. You will go with my heart's blessingful gratitude and pride.

Now, what I am about to say applies mostly to the disciples who have been with me for at least six months, and who claim to be my devoted disciples. In order to achieve perfection in your life, compassion is the only answer. But along with compassion, sometimes there has to be divine justice, which is another form of compassion. Divine justice is also a form of compassion in disguise. Unfortunately, some of you disobey me, even on the outer plane. In the inner world all of you disobey me. Otherwise, if you had not disobeyed me in the inner world, by this time all of you would have become God-realised souls. If you disobey me in the outer world, that is the worst possible mistake that you can make. It is a crime against your own soul. Among all the undivine qualities — impurity, insecurity, jealousy and others — disobedience is the worst. We are all human beings; we are all prone to weaknesses, true. But when you disobey, at that time you do not see eye to eye with your Master. You separate your consciousness from me. When your consciousness drops, when your consciousness is not with me, in me and for me, then that is your spiritual death. And, no matter how close you are to my physical being or how much you do for me, if your consciousness is not with me, in me and for me in the inner world, then you cannot make progress.