Question: How may a disciple consciously identify with you as often as possible?

Sri Chinmoy: You want a closer identification with me, or, to be more precise, with the real Guru, the Supreme in me who is the same as the Supreme in you. But here on the physical plane, I represent the Supreme for you and for the other disciples.

There is only one thing you can do and everybody can do to identify more with me. You must ask: 'Who comes first in your life?" This has to be the question. "The Supreme comes first." This has to be the answer. That doesn't mean that the mother will not think of the son or daughter, or that the husband will not think of the wife. No. But just before the mother thinks of her children or husband, she should think of the Supreme. The Supreme has to come first in your life and in everybody's life. If the Supreme comes first in everything you do, in everything you say, then automatically you can identify yourself with my consciousness. If you feel the Supreme comes first, you don't have to think of me, you don't have to meditate on me.

For my disciples, I am the bridge between the Supreme and them. The Supreme is all Compassion. The disciple, let us say, is all aspiration. That Compassion and aspiration have to be united by somebody. I am that person to unite the Compassion of the Supreme with the aspiration of the disciples. The Supreme is always ready to offer His infinite Compassion to us, but we are not ready to accept it. We can be ready only by thinking about, meditating on and dedicating ourselves to the cause of the Supreme. Every day when morning dawns, we must feel that the Supreme comes first in our life, and then we have to see that our dearest ones are dearest just because the Supreme is a living Reality in them.

So if the Supreme comes first in your life, then automatically you will be able to unite yourself with me. Once you think of the Supreme, you will remember that there is somebody who has seen the Supreme, who can talk to the Supreme and who is the representative of the Supreme for you and for the other disciples. That somebody is me, your Guru. If you feel this, then it is extremely easy to identify yourself with me twenty-four hours a day.