Two Cyclist-Friends: Competition Versus Oneness

Two cyclists were riding together. They had been together for several hours and had covered a very long distance. Both of them were enjoying nature's beauty.

All of a sudden, one of them said, "How I wish one of us would stop cycling so that we could know which one of us is the better cyclist."

The other one said, "What? We are lifelong friends. We have been cycling together for so many years. When you go ahead, I catch up with you. When I am ahead, you catch up with me. We are getting such joy always riding together. At that time, we talk about all kinds of things — nature's beauty, friends, enemies and more."

The second cyclist said, "Is that what our friendship is? I am stopping cycling. You go on. Just see how much you will enjoy yourself! There will be nobody to talk with you, nobody to watch you and nobody to appreciate you. Go ahead on your own, and then you can boast that you are the better cyclist. Unfortunately, nobody will be there to appreciate you."

The first cyclist felt miserable. He said, "You are right. My friend, please come with me. Let us go together."

The friend replied, "No, no! You want to separate yourself from me to see if you are the better cyclist. Go right ahead! Again, I am telling you that alone you will never find the joy that we get when we go together. In togetherness, there is always joy. But I can stop easily right now so that you can find out who is better."

The first friend begged and begged, "Please, let us go together. In comparison and competition there is no joy. The only joy is in oneness. Let us cycle together and we will talk about everything. Now I know that inspiration, joy and encouragement come only when we share with others. I am pleading with you, let us continue together."

The second cyclist agreed wholeheartedly. "From now on, we shall always cycle together. We shall arrive together at our destination."