The Philosopher Is Illumined By The Taxi Driver

A philosopher who taught at a prestigious university came out of his house hurriedly and was shouting at the top of his lungs, "Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!"

The taxi came over very quickly to him, and the philosopher jumped inside. "Hurry up! Hurry up!" screamed the philosopher to the taxi driver. "Drive as fast as you can!"

The taxi driver started driving as fast as possible. After about 20 minutes, the philosopher said, "Am I reaching my destination?"

The taxi driver said, "What destination? Did you tell me? I am driving just as fast as I possibly can."

The philosopher screamed, "Is it not your duty to ask me where I want to go?"

"If it is my duty to ask you, then it is also your duty to tell me," replied the taxi driver. "You should have told me your destination. It is your mistake equally."

"Look here! I am a great philosopher."

"Yes, you are a philosopher," replied the taxi driver. "But you also live in this world. God wants me to bring you from the moon world to this world. God wants me to teach you to live in this world and to behave like a human being."

The philosopher immediately replied, "I have been a philosopher for so many years, but never have I come across such wisdom! Will you be my Guru?"

The taxi driver said, "Yes, I will be your Guru, but only if you will try to live the life of a practical person. I will tell you to get up at 7 in the morning to be on time for your class. Then, when you hire a taxi, you must always tell the driver where to take you. I am giving you another piece of advice: never hurry. When you hurry, you miss everything and you lose everything."

The philosopher said, "I am touching your feet!"

After a short time, the philosopher's students were so surprised that the philosopher was always coming on time and that he himself was practising what he was teaching them. Before, they were seeing that he was saying the right thing, but setting a poor example. After accepting the taxi driver as his Guru, the philosopher put his own philosophy into practice.

Nobody knows who can instruct whom and from whom we can receive a lesson. We must live a practical life. Otherwise, people will feel that we are worse than useless. In this way, the philosopher got the golden opportunity to learn from the taxi driver.