The Meaning Of The Master's Stories

A disciple once made a serious complaint to the Master. He said, "Master, you always tell stories that give us joy. But will we not get more joy if we know the meaning of the stories that you tell us? We do not always understand what they actually mean. If we understand, then I feel we will be happier, and also you will be happy that we have understood you."

The Master said, "You fool! When I tell you stories, you want me to tell you the meaning? It is as if you are asking me to give you a mango. Then, just as you are about to eat the mango, you want me to take it back and start eating it for you. When I tell you a story, you have to be one with the story. Please try to be part and parcel of the story. Then you will be able to get its real meaning and significance.

"Otherwise, if I also tell you the significance of the story, if I do everything, it is as if I am chewing and eating for you. But if you swallow something without even chewing it, how will you get the taste? Only from chewing and eating will you be able to grasp the meaning.

"My job is to tell you a story. Your job is to dive deep within and understand the meaning. Otherwise, you will remain spiritually hungry. If you play your role and search for the meaning of the story yourself, then you will get real joy, absolute joy."