New Sermons Bring New Joy

An old lady said to a priest, "Father, today you did not read out your sermon."

The priest said, "I did not read it out, because the sermon that I was supposed to give today I have already given many times."

The old lady said, "When you give something many, many times, do you get any joy? Where is the newness? Every day, if you see a fresh flower, you get such joy. But if you see an old, dry flower, do you get any joy? If you are sincere in your heart, you will see that you do not get any joy from giving your old sermons — and we definitely do not get joy!!! Please use your wisdom and give us new sermons. Then you will get joy and we shall get joy. Always in newness, like in the freshness of a flower, we get tremendous joy."

The priest said, "You are right, absolutely right. I thank you from the very depths of my heart for your most illumining sermon. I love you, dear."