The Texan Visits New York

A man from Texas came to New York to visit his friend. His friend took him to so many important places.

When his friend showed him anything new, the Texan said, "We have better than that at home — far, far better."

First his friend took him to an excellent restaurant. The Texan said, "In Texas we have better restaurants than this. The owners are better, the waiters give better service and the food is far better in Texas."

Then the New Yorker took his Texan friend to visit the Statue of Liberty. The Texan said, "The Statue of Liberty has so many defects. I can see that it is cracked here and there. We have so many statues that are not cracked at all."

Finally, the friend took the Texan to the Empire State Building. The man declared, "The Empire State Building is useless! Because there are so many businesses inside, it has no peace, no glory. True, it is tall, but inside there is no beauty at all."

The man's New York friend got so disgusted. He said, "Brother, you need something that is not here. Your Texas is far more beautiful and far better in every way than my New York. If ever you think of coming to New York again, please do not stay at my place. Go visit somebody else. I have nothing to give you.

"Better yet, go to some other state, because New York has nothing to give you. If you feel that there is another state that can equal your Texas, or another state that has something better or more significant to offer you, then go there. Please, do not come back to New York!"

People who live in the mind always criticise. They feel that they are superior. Here, the man from Texas was full of criticism. His friend was showing him New York's most famous landmarks with such love, care, concern and joy. But the Texan was not satisfied, because he was inside his dry mind. Nothing in New York could give him joy. His rigid mind had the idea that everything was better, more beautiful and more significant in Texas.

People who live in the mind cannot appreciate others' achievements. They cannot become one with others' ways. If we are in the heart, then we can appreciate equally what we ourselves have and what others have.