The Young Boy Sees God

There was a spiritual Master who had many, many disciples. One day, a young disciple came up to the Master and said, "Master, if I ask you a question, will you be offended?"

The Master said, "Never! I will never be offended, no matter what kind of question you ask me."

The disciple said, "Long ago, people used to see God face to face. But nowadays, how is it that nobody sees God face to face? Nobody talks to God on a daily basis."

The Master said, "You also can realise God and talk to Him face to face if you do the same thing that they did."

"Master, what did they do?"

"In those days, people who realised God used to bend their heads low. Nowadays, people do not bend low."

The boy said, "Master, I can do it easily. Every day I can even touch my feet with my head by bending my head down very low. If I do this, will I be able to realise God?"

The Master answered, "Yes, if you do this for six months, then you will definitely be able to see and realise God."

The boy did this very, very faithfully for six months. But, alas, he did not see God. He said, "Master, you told me that I would be able to see God and talk to Him, but nothing happened."

The Master said, "Something else is absolutely necessary."

"What else do I need?"

The Master replied, "You have to be very sincere. You must never tell a lie."

"If I don't tell lies for six months — not even one — will I be able to realise God?"

The Master said, "Yes!"

"Do I have to do anything more?"

The Master said, "No! Just bend your head low and do not tell a lie for six months."

After six months, the boy came back to see the Master. He had not told a single lie and he had bent his head right down to his feet every day. Alas, still he did not see or talk to God.

Just then, another spiritual Master came up to this Master and asked, "What is happening?"

The first Master said, "This boy asked me why nowadays people cannot see or speak to God face to face; whereas, in the olden days people were able to. I told him that he also could do the same. In those days people used to bend their heads low. Nowadays we do not do it. The boy agreed and he told me he could even touch his feet with his head. I told him that if he could do this for six months, he would realise God. Unfortunately, although he followed my advice faithfully, he said he still could not see God. Then I told him that he must also be very sincere and not tell even one lie for six months. Again he followed my instructions most devotedly, but he has still not seen God. Now I am in trouble."

In front of the boy, the other spiritual Master said to the first Master, "No, you are not in trouble. I will be able to help you."

He then said to the boy, "I tell you, if you do what I say, you are bound to speak to God face to face!"

The boy was thrilled. The new Master continued, "Now you are bending your head very low; you are even able to touch your feet with your head. Plus, you have not told any lies. For the next six months you must continue as before and also do one thing more. Every day, after bending your head low, you will please say, 'God, I want to see You face to face, if so is Your Will.'"

The boy said, "I am dying to see God. How can I say that?"

The Master replied, "This is the problem. When you die to see God, you usually do not see Him. But if you say to God, 'I am dying to see You, if such is Your Will,' and if you say this sincerely, in six months you will be able to realise God."

The following day, the boy did not tell a single lie. After bending down his head in his house, he said to God, "I am dying to see You. If it is Your Will, then please appear before me and allow me to speak with You. But if it is not Your Will, then I fully accept it."

Immediately after the boy said this, he saw an effulgence of golden Light right in front of him and from there, a most beautiful Person came out. He said to the boy, "My child, I am God. Ask Me for any boon."

The boy exclaimed, "I can see God!"

God said, "Yes. Now please go and tell your teachers that you have seen Me."

The boy asked, "But how will they believe me?"

God answered, "They will believe you. You go there and tell them."

The boy went. His Master and the other Master were there. As soon as they saw him, they saw a beautiful halo around him. His whole body was literally flooded with light. They were so surprised.

The boy's own Master started crying. He said, "I have been praying and praying for sixty years of my life. You have done this in such a short time!"

The second Master said to the young boy, "I am extremely, extremely proud of you. We have been praying and praying to God for sixty years, but God has not come to us. In your case, after only one day of unconditional prayer, God has appeared before you. From your face and your eyes, I can clearly see that you have spoken to God. I am so proud of you. Again, I am proud of myself that I gave you the advice to say, 'I am dying to see You, God. If it is Your Will for me to see You, then I will be very happy. But if it is not Your Will, I shall wait.'"

Both spiritual Masters' eyes were full of tears. The boy's own Master embraced his spiritual son and said, "You have shown me the Light. You have become the Light." The second Master also embraced the boy and said, "You have shown me the Light. You are the Light."