The Loving God And The Stolen Mangoes

Once there was a priest who had an orchard on his land. He had many trees bearing all kinds of fruits. The priest liked one particular tree very much, a mango tree. He used to give away mangoes to all his friends, and everyone felt that he was extremely kind-hearted.

Some mischievous boys had started stealing the ripe mangoes, and this made the priest so sad. One day he put a large note on the tree in bold letters: "The loving God sees everything." He thought that from then on his problem would be solved. The culprits would realise that God was watching them steal and then they would stop. The priest was certain that the following day all his ripe mangoes would still be there.

Unfortunately, the next day as on previous days, the boys again stole all the ripe mangoes. The priest could see from a distance that all his ripe mangoes were gone. He was so miserable. Then he came very close to the tree. Where he had previously written, "The loving God sees everything," the priest saw that underneath someone had written: "The loving God does not punish anybody."