The Human Explorer And The Divine Discoverer

Our human life is all uncertainty. Columbus did not know where he was going; when he landed, he did not know where he was. What is more, Columbus did not have his own capital; he did everything with borrowed money.

In the spiritual life also, when we start to aspire, we usually do not know where we are. We do not know where we are going. And when we reach a place, we again do not know where we have arrived.

At the same time, it will help us greatly in our spiritual life if we know a little more about our divine journey. We are starting our pilgrimage inside God's Heart. Then we are entering into God's Eye. From God's Eye, we are going into God's entire universe. After watching the universe and seeing God's entire creation, we are coming back again into His Eye. Finally, we are entering once again into His Heart, our only Home.