The Useless Yoga Teacher And The Useless Priest

One day a yoga teacher came to a priest and said, "Father, Father, forgive me."

The priest said, "What have you done? What kind of sin have you committed?"

The lady said, "Father, I am a yoga teacher. I studied yoga in the Hindu way, and then I also started teaching people yoga, and joined a Hindu Master. This Master had students from all faiths — Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Can you imagine! We were always taught that there is only one God. For this Master, there are so many gods. I had to pray to the founders of all faiths."

The priest asked, "Did the Master tell you to pray to the founders of all faiths?"

"He did not say that directly but implied it, because he has students from all faiths. Yet Christ said, 'I am the Way. I am the Goal.' I have made such a serious blunder and committed such a terrible sin by leaving Christianity."

The priest said, "All right. I forgive you, but do not commit this kind of sin again."

How useless both the yoga teacher and the priest were! The priest was telling the teacher to stick to her Christianity and not to commit this sin again. Is it a sin to have a universal heart that sees truth and goodness at the core of all faiths?