Be Careful Whom You Make Fun Of

A little boy was a student in primary school. One day he arrived at school just a little bit late. When he reached his classroom, his teacher said to him, "Tommy, Tommy, why do you come to class without combing your hair? You look so untidy. I could say many other things, but untidy is the only thing I will say right now."

The students all started laughing. The teacher asked the little boy, "Do you not have a comb?"

He said, "No! I do not."

"Then why did you not borrow one from your father?" she asked.

He answered, "No hair!"

Immediately, all the children in the classroom burst out laughing, because the boy's father had no hair. They all started taunting the boy because his father was bald. They were repeating over and over, "You have a bald-headed father! You have a bald-headed father! Your father is bald, bald, bald!"

The teacher was saying, "Keep quiet! Keep quiet!" But the children were not listening to her at all. It took fifteen minutes for the teacher to bring the students under control. They were all laughing very loudly, and she could not teach them a thing.

Tommy went home. He was very sad and disturbed that his classmates had all made such fun of him because his father was bald. Tommy told his mother everything, and she got furious. That night, Tommy's father came home late from work. When he heard what had happened, he also got furious. Both Tommy's mother and father wanted to go to the school and insult the teacher together.

Then the father said to his wife, "Let me go alone. I will go and badly insult the teacher myself. It is better for you to remain at home, as you may complicate everything. "

The mother asked, "If she does not allow you to come into the room, what will you do?"

He replied, "Do I care? I am so strong!"

The father went to the classroom, and he started screaming at the teacher for having insulted his son so badly the previous day. The teacher immediately phoned the main office to send the guard to her classroom. The guard, who was very large and strong, came and locked the father's arms behind his back.

The father continued screaming at the teacher, "Yesterday my son was ridiculed by his classmates because of you. I hold you fully responsible!"

The teacher responded, "It is all your fault. You parents do not teach your son the proper way to dress or to take care of himself. I can see that it is all your wife's fault that he does not even comb his hair."

The father became even more furious. "Now you are insulting my wife!" he fumed. When Tommy saw how angry at the teacher his father was, he went up and started pinching her. Then all of the students joined Tommy. The children all started pinching the teacher and making fun of her.

The teacher was shocked! She said, "Children, how is it possible that just yesterday you were making fun of this boy? You were teasing him because his father has no hair. Now you have joined him and his father in harassing me!"

How easily children can change! That day, all the children fully sympathised with the little boy and took his side, even though they had ridiculed him the previous day. That is why they pinched the teacher and made fun of her. The children said to the teacher, "You are the culprit! Why did you ask him to comb his hair? If you had not asked him to comb his hair, nothing would have happened!"

The teacher came to learn that she must not allow the children to make fun of anyone; otherwise, she might be the one to be made fun of next. One must be very careful when dealing with children.