The Heart And Life Of Mother Teresa

One time when Mother Teresa was in America, she went to visit Mayor Koch of New York City. Mayor Koch was unwell, so she went to inquire about his health. It was a very hot day. Mayor Koch offered Mother Teresa lemonade and a few cookies. He drank and ate his share very quickly and then noticed that Mother Teresa had not even touched her drink or her cookies. He invited her to start eating.

Mother Teresa said, "I cannot eat. I cannot drink."

Mayor Koch asked, "Why?"

She replied, "In my poor Calcutta, there are many people who would have to pay their whole week's salary just to buy lemonade and cookies."

"But these cookies are the best in the whole world!" exclaimed Mayor Koch.

She replied, "All right, because they are the best, please wrap them up, and I will take them to Calcutta."

The Mayor said, "I shall definitely wrap them for you, but you do not have to take them to Calcutta. It is quite far and when you reach Calcutta, the cookies will no longer be in good condition. There are so many poor people in Harlem. Would you instead like to go to Harlem with the cookies?"

She answered, "That is a splendid idea. I am taking the cookies to Harlem. On principle, I do not eat at others' places. When I am about to eat, I see the faces of the hungry children of Calcutta. I am their Mother. How can I enjoy a delicious meal when my poor children are starving?"

This is, indeed, the heart and life of Mother Teresa.