Baby-cries and Emperor-Smiles29

You may wonder why in my prayer this morning I spoke about “Baby-cries and Emperor-Smiles.” It is because my intuition was working. I was seeing that I would be able to lift up 300 pounds in each arm. The total is 600 pounds. Yesterday I asked Unmilan to put 300 pounds on each side. My bodyweight is now 165 pounds. So it is 135 pounds over my bodyweight with each arm.

I tried to lift this 600 pounds three times — and three times I was successful. The side view shows the movement very clearly. I have lifted the dumbbells more than an inch. The right arm is going higher than the left, but the left is also going. In nine days I have increased the weights by 100 pounds on each side.

I wanted to keep my lift a secret, but my stupid smile gave me away. When Shikha saw me smile, she immediately knew that I had done it.

MJW 106. 6 May 1999