Unmilan's birthday celebration1

Today, on Unmilan's birthday, we started our long-cherished-dream contest. A few days ago I lifted up 90 pounds from the ground. So Agraha took my weight and age into consideration and he has made a chart that tells what each one of the guards has to lift to make it equivalent. Savyasachi is the luckiest. He only has to do 106 pounds, but poor Prabhakar has to do 184.

From the ground these boys had to bring the weight up over their shoulder. For three seconds they had to keep it in the air and then they had to bring it down carefully. They were not allowed to drop it. We started with Savyasachi who is by far the strongest and by far the best featherweight. He took a three-second rest on his shoulder, but then he was able to lift it into the air. He is the only one who succeeded.

When it came to Pulak, instead of Pulak Viscardi, I said "Pulak Discardi" —- because he was so weak. Kailash did very well. He had 127 pounds and he was able to bring it to the top of his head. Ashrita, Udar, Durdam, Bishwas, Bipin and Prabhakar also did well, but they could not hold it up in the air for three seconds. Now people see how difficult this lift is.

  1. MJW 129. 20 August 1999