Sick of weightlifting1

Today how I cried at Victory Field! I went to our Masters Games for a short time. There I tried to walk one lap. Each time, after only forty or fifty metres, I had to stop. It took me so long to cover 400 metres.

I am really sick of weightlifting. I am seriously thinking of stopping after November 17th. I want to walk outside again in the fresh air with nature. This gives me so much joy.

During these last twelve months with my weightlifting I reached a very high level. Now I want to concentrate on other things. I really would like to do walking. For me, there is no comparison between walking and weightlifting. When I walk outside in the fresh air, there is such newness and happiness. In the morning I do not like to spend two hours lifting these heavy weights. It is too much pressure. Weightlifting is the thing that I hated from the bottom of my heart from my Indian days. To lift up 600 pounds is not an easy task. Every day I face pain.

  1. MJW 140. 2 October 1999