The first day of my 1,000-pound lift1

Today I lifted 1,000 pounds with both arms for the first time —- 500 in each arm. When it came to the fourth lift, I turned on the camera and it went so well. Then I lifted it four more times.

Can you imagine —- 1,000 pounds! Is it believable? It is not physical force; it is supernatural. Luckily my back is all right. No wonder why I am shrinking! From 5'8" why did I have to come to 5'7"?

Normally when weightlifters reach a certain weight, a very appreciable weight, they advance by ten pounds at a time. Many years ago I also did that. Now I go by 100 pounds.

Today my bodyweight is 170 1/2 pounds. So I have lifted almost six times my own bodyweight. No matter how you look at it, the fact is that I am dashing against 1,000 pounds with my 170 pounds.

I am so lucky that today the still pictures worked and the video also worked.

  1. MJW 155. 16 February 2000