My symbolic lifting1

After lifting 1,000 pounds with both arms I got the inspiration to go directly to 1,300 pounds. Today was my first attempt at lifting 1,300 pounds with both arms simultaneously — 650 in each arm. Before lifting, I announced, "Today will be my symbolic lifting. God alone knows how many years and months it will take me to actually lift the weight."

For the first lift, I gave myself zero. But when I did the second lift, my third eye was telling me that my left arm went up a little. My human eyes were telling me that it is all foolishness.

Then, when it came to the third lift, definitely the push was coming. For the fourth lift, I turned on the camera and the result was very good. The fifth lift happened to be the best. I then did it two more times. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh lifts are all noticeable and visible. Today, on the very first day, it has gone practically as high as 1,000 pounds. So you can see, impossibility is not to be found in our aspiration-dedication-journey.

I did not take any stretching exercises or use any other machines beforehand. I said, "Since I depend entirely on the Supreme, why do I have to take stretching exercises?" Only I took a shower. This is how stupidity entered.

For me, it is nothing short of a miracle and again, there is no such thing as a miracle at the Feet of our Beloved Supreme. This is called Grace. From 900 to 1,000 pounds, it took four days. Then today I lifted 1,300 pounds on the very first day. On the 13th of April I will do it so that even the blind can see!

I never, never imagined that with this 300-pound increment I would be able to succeed on the very first day. So it is one hundred per cent due to the Grace of the Supreme. That is why after the lift I said, "Indeed, a mystic journey in the weightlifting world."

  1. MJW 157. 19 February 2000