My camera experience continues1

Last night I decided to do my lifting after everybody had left my house. I started just after midnight with my cycling. Then I embarked on my 1,300 pounds. I lifted 1,300 pounds seven times and four of the lifts were to my satisfaction, specially the sixth lift.

Unfortunately, the boys who adjust the automatic camera did me a favour. On the fourth lift, I turned the camera on, but as soon as I started to bend my knees and go down, the way I usually do before lifting, the camera started clicking. I turned it off and then I lifted. So my fourth lift was not recorded.

For the fifth lift, I turned on the camera once again. Very gently I lowered myself into my lifting position, so that the camera would not start clicking. This time it captured my lift very nicely.

I did the same thing for my sixth and seventh lifts. My seventh lift was very good, but alas the camera ran out of film before the last push.

I do hope the camera can be adjusted. It is difficult for me when I cannot bend my knees and hang the way I am used to before I start pushing.

  1. MJW 159. 6 March 2000