Television people are not blind1

My 1,300-pound two-arm lift today is absolutely the highest. When you compare the up and down photos, you can see how it closes the gap and touches the bar. Television people will gladly take it today. They are not blind. But I want to make it even higher.

Today I did it six times. The first three lifts were warming up. When I warm up, I have to see if my shoulders are in good condition, if my elbows are in good condition. Then I do my serious lifting. This time the fourth to the sixth lifts are all good, but the sixth lift is super-excellent. I have watched it at least ten times.

And today is India Day. Both the Taj Mahal and Brindaban have joined our Peace-Blossom programme today. So God is telling us that He wants us to be dynamic. He does not want lethargy any more.

  1. MJW 169. 29 March 2000