Student: Many bodybuilders appreciate the lifts that you are doing, but weightlifters on the whole do not seem to be as receptive.

Sri Chinmoy: I feel that bodybuilders give a better vibration than weightlifters when you look at them. In the case of bodybuilders, their mind is focusing on a more subtle subject. They may be lifting heavy weights, but still they can think of delicate things, things that are very subtle.

Weightlifters by nature are not like that. They are dealing with heavy, heavy weights. You can say it is gross matter. They just grab the weight. They do not care how they look.

Bodybuilders care so much for the perfection of the body. They may take drugs or they may not take drugs, but they take their body as their temple. They are concentrating all the time to make the body look nice, symmetrical and so on. Do weightlifters do this? As long as they can lift heavy weights, it is enough. Do they care how they look? Bodybuilders can deal with subtle reality if they want to, but most weightlifters will find it difficult.