Student: Guru, would you prefer to watch a bodybuilding contest or an Olympic weightlifting contest? Which one gives you more real joy?

Sri Chinmoy: I definitely prefer watching the bodybuilders because there is a kind of art inside. If I see Frank Zane’s body, it is like watching a Greek god. There is so much art inside his body. When I look at him, I see a river flowing through him with so much life-energy, beauty, charm and strength. How sincerely I am admiring and admiring him! It is art. His whole body — the muscles and everything — is like artwork. He looks like an artist has made a beautiful sketch of a human being.

Bodybuilders give joy with their muscles. They may take all kinds of drugs, but they are so careful about how they look. Inside the bodybuilders you can see some charm, but inside the weightlifters I do not see any charm.

If there is a bodybuilding contest, I will stay there and watch, although I do not know which body is good. I am in no way an expert. I may like one person and the judges will give him zero. But I dislike weightlifting.