Part III — Interview with News 12 New Jersey TV

MJW 5. On 6 November 1998, Sri Chinmoy was interviewed by News 12 New Jersey TV after lifting a 685 Aero Commander Aircraft plus six passengers (total weight: 10,527 lbs.) at Roger J. Miller Air Park, Berkeley, New Jersey.

Interviewer: Why do you lift?

Sri Chinmoy: Everybody wants to do something to make himself happy. This is one of the ways I can make myself happy, and I find there are others who are also inspired by what I am doing. From inspiration we get joy. So by doing this, I am inspiring quite a few people and from this inspiration they are deriving joy.

Interviewer: What training did you go through to do this?

Sri Chinmoy: About twelve years ago I lifted a seaplane and a helicopter. Since then I have not lifted any plane. Last month I started lifting up heavy objects once again. This will be the eighth plane I have lifted this month.

Interviewer: What next?

Sri Chinmoy: Our philosophy is the philosophy of progress. I will be trying to lift up a heavier plane weighing 13,000 lbs. This is my wish. If God permits me, I would like to try.

Interviewer: Well, it looks like the way you lifted up this one today, it will be no problem.

Sri Chinmoy: Oh, no. This one was quite heavy. Similarly, the ones that I lifted last week were no match for this one — and also I added six individuals, which increased the heavy weight considerably. By God’s Grace, I have done it. I am grateful to God and I am also grateful to those like you who came here today to inspire the occasion.