Unbelievable things do happen2

I cannot believe it! Unbelievable things do happen. This morning I lifted 200 pounds in each arm simultaneously. First I lifted 200 pounds once with my right arm and once with my left arm. As I was approaching my double-arm lift, I heard Ranjana’s soul screaming, “Where is your belt?” I had forgotten to put on my weightlifting belt and her soul was warning me. It is so dangerous to lift 400 pounds without the belt. Ranjana’s soul came to me like a seven or eight-year-old girl and was screaming for me to put on my belt. You can see on the video how I had completely forgotten it.

Today there were two cameras: Dhanu’s automatic one plus a rented one. Before I lifted, I meditated and meditated. Today my meditation was not ending. I was not in this world. I was hearing Lord Krishna playing His flute. He was playing so loudly. Then I saw that my family had all come to watch. My family and Ranjana were all wearing white and Lord Krishna was dancing on their heads and playing His flute.

Because I was concentrating so hard, I forgot to turn on the video camera. But then I remembered and turned it on.

On the very first attempt, the two dumbbells went up more than seven inches. My knees were straight. This lift is in no way lower than my 180-pound double-arm lift was. I finished the lift and Dhanu’s camera was still going on. So I had more time. But what more could I do?

I never thought that I would be able to do 400 pounds before April. But God does not believe in the future. He practises His Philosophy in and through me.

As soon as I had finished this lift, my mother said to me in our Chittagong dialect, “My son, God has done many, many important things in and through you and He will do many, many more.”

Then I called my sister Lily. She had a fever and did not want to speak to me at first. But after a few minutes she spoke to me and I told her all about the lift. She was very, very happy.

MJW 79. 22 March 1999