Part I — Lady Margaret Hall


On 26 June 2003, Sri Chinmoy visited the University of Oxford to honour distinguished professors as part of his Lifting Up the World With a Oneness-Heart Award programme.

The setting for the occasion was the grounds of Lady Margaret Hall with its abundance of beautiful flowers and trees. This was Sri Chinmoy’s ninth visit to the University of Oxford. On his previous visit in 1997, he had offered a prayerful concert to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of India’s Independence. This concert was part of a worldwide series of fifty concerts that Sri Chinmoy offered that year.

The abiding contribution of the University of Oxford to Great Britain and the world is expressed by Sri Chinmoy in a lecture he offered at the University in 1974:

“Oxford first embodies and then represents the art, culture and glory, not only of Great Britain, but of the entire European consciousness.

Oxford represents world culture and world history in the highest form of mental light, knowledge and wisdom in the outer world. Oxford is confidence. It is in the confidence of Oxford that all these supernal qualities are playing their respective roles.”