Photo captions

At Sri Chinmoy’s request, Sir Patrick and Lady Bateson garland each other with the “Lifting Up the World With a Oneness-Heart” medallions.

With each lift, a choir sang Sri Chinmoy’s composition, “Lifting Up the World With a Oneness-Heart.”

Ms. Sarada Crowe introduces Dr. Sanger.

Miss Ranjana Ghose, Sri Chinmoy’s secretary, garlands Professor Rudduck.

Sri Chinmoy listening to the soulful and illumining comments of the guests.

Sri Chinmoy expresses his deepest gratitude to Sir Patrick and Lady Bateson at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Ranjana Ghose and Lady Bateson.

Dr. John Barber brings forth from within King’s College the immortal photograph of Sri Aurobindo taken in 1950. This photograph of Sri Aurobindo is kept in the office of Mr. Peter Jones of King’s College. The legend attached to the bottom of the photograph reads:

“Aurobindo Ghose (1872-1950), Scholar, 1890; Principal of the Bengal National College; a leader of the Indian nationalist movement; poet, critic, philosopher and mystic.”

Below: Professor John Gray and Sri Chinmoy share a private moment. Professor Gray is the husband of Professor Jean Rudduck. He is Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge and Dean of Research at the Faculty of Education.

Professor Ajit Singh takes his leave of Sri Chinmoy in the Indian tradition.

Below and centre: Sri Chinmoy bids farewell to Sir Patrick and Lady Bateson.

At the end of the programme, Sri Chinmoy once more bows before the bust of Sri Aurobindo.

More than 200 of Sri Chinmoy’s students from the United Kingdom, the USA and Europe stand in the Provost’s Lodge Garden during the ceremony.

At the conclusion of Sri Chinmoy’s visit, Sahadeva Torpy escorts him to the car. Sahadeva was instrumental in organising Sri Chinmoy’s trip to the United Kingdom.

Captions from: A visit to the room where Sri Aurobindo studied

With greatest joy, Dr. Barber escorts Sri Chinmoy to Sri Aurobindo’s study room.

Sri Chinmoy standing outside the open window of Sri Aurobindo’s study room.

Sri Chinmoy at the entrance to the building where Sri Aurobindo’s study room is located. Above: Mr. Avery is listed as the resident of Sri Aurobindo’s study room.

Sri Chinmoy at the door to Sri Aurobindo’s study room.

Sri Chinmoy with Mr. Avery and Dr. Barber in the smaller of the two rooms. This is the room that was actually used by Sri Aurobindo and other students of his day as a study room.

The Reverend George Pattison, Dean of King’s College Chapel, and Professor Patrick Bateson, Provost of King’s College, receive the Peace Torch of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in 1993.