Additional comments and expressions of gratitude2

Professor Avi Shlaim Professor of International Relations

It was a great pleasure to take part in the meeting at Oxford. I enjoyed the music, the singing, the evident sincerity of all the people I met, the uplifting experience and, above all, being in the company of Sri Chinmoy. My own work is on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The only hope of resolving it lies with people from different cultures coming together with an open heart and an open mind in a spirit of mutual respect and tolerance. It was a privilege to meet Sri Chinmoy, who personifies these human values.

Reverend Marcus Braybrooke Marsh Baldon, Oxford

Dear and Respected Sri Chinmoy,

This is to thank you for the amazing honour that you did me yesterday. It was a complete surprise. It was honour enough to be in your presence. I much admire your untiring work for peace — work and prayer that seem more necessary now than ever.

Professor Andrew Briggs Professor of Materials

Thank you so much for including me in the Lifting Up the World ceremony. It was most memorable, and I felt honoured to be able to take part.

Dr. Peter Carey Trinity College, Oxford

The Lifting Up the World With a Oneness-Heart of 26 June last will remain forever etched in my memory, especially your closing words to me that only the power of the peaceful heart, not the medicine of the mind, has the capacity to effect healing and change. Thank you again for the honour you gave me to be included in your heart-nourishing energy.

Professor Alison Noble Robotics Research Group, Department of Engineering Science

As an engineering scientist, one is used to being recognised in terms of the contribution one makes via one’s research to one’s technical discipline, to advance knowledge of how to develop systems and devices. In my case, I am fortunate in that, as a medical engineer, I can see the reward of contributing to society, as I work with clinicians to develop imaging methods that can improve clinical diagnosis and treatments. On a different level, as an academic, I come in contact with bright, enquiring minds every working day, and there is nothing more satisfying than to see these individuals grow intellectually under your guidance and move on to successful careers in their own right. Together, these two dimensions of my job make it very rewarding.

It is, therefore, an honour to be given such an award in recognition for what I have achieved to date. Medical engineering is a young multi-disciplinary field and I would like to think that there are many more ways in which I (together with my colleagues and students) can contribute to its advance in the years to come.

2e5. Some additional comments and expressions of gratitude were received from the honorees after the event.