Scene 1

(Krishna’s palace. Krishna and Satyavama are together.)

SATYAVAMA: How is it that people think you are full of compassion? I see that you have no compassion at all. Look at your greatest devotee. He is repeating your name so devotedly and so soulfully! But you don’t care for him. All he eats is a blade of grass now and then, because there is nobody to feed him.

KRISHNA: What do you want me to do?

SATYAVAMA: Why don’t you ask someone to look after him? You have so many admirers and devotees. Why don’t you ask someone to bring food to Durvasha every day, so that he can continue his meditating and still have proper food to eat.

KRISHNA: He does not need that kind of food.

SATYAVAMA (becoming angry): He does need it, but you don’t supply it.

KRISHNA: No, no. His food is different, entirely different.

SATYAVAMA: I am sure that if I take him some proper food, delicious food, right now, he will eat voraciously.

KRISHNA: Well, perhaps you are right. You can try it. Go to him on the other side of the Jamuna, and then come back and tell me what he says about the food.