Scene 3

(Satyavama stands at the edge of the raging river.)

SATYAVAMA: O Jamuna, if my Lord Krishna has not seen the face of any woman but me, then please calm down so that I may cross.

(The river subsides and she crosses.)

SATYAVAMA (thinking aloud): I am sure the Jamuna has allowed me to cross just to please Krishna.

(She comes to the place where Durvasha is meditating. He is in a high trance, but slowly opens his eyes when she approaches him.)

SATYAVAMA: O Durvasha, I have observed that for many weeks now you have been repeating my Lord’s name with deepest devotion, and you have taken almost no food. Today, I have brought you food which I myself have prepared for you.

DURVASHA (still in a meditative mood, touches the feet of Satyavama): Mother, your compassion is food enough for me. Yet I am supremely grateful that you have thought of me and brought me food.

(Satyavama has to feed Durvasha herself as he is still in a trance-like state. When he has finished the food, Durvasha bows and touches Satyavama’s feet.)

SATYAVAMA: Now I am going home. I am happy that you are pleased with my meal.

(Exit Satyavama. Durvasha resumes his deep meditation, and a little later Satyavama returns.)

SATYAVAMA: O Durvasha, please do something for me. There is no boatman at the river and my Lord is on the other side. I cannot cross because of the storm. While I was coming here it was also stormy, but my Lord made the river subside. But now my Lord is not here. Please tell me what I should do.

DURVASHA: This is very easy, Mother. I will tell you. Go and say this to the river: “If Durvasha has not eaten anything but a few blades of grass for many years, then you must calm down, O Jamuna.”

SATYAVAMA: You fool! You liar! I have just fed you a most delicious meal with my own hands, and now you are asking me to say this!

DURVASHA: Mother, please tell the river what I have told you. I will come with you.

(Exeunt Durvasha and Satyavama.)