Scene 3

(Many years have passed. Jajati enters Puru’s room. Puru is lying on his bed, asleep, and is not awakened by Jajati’s entrance.)

JAJATI (to himself): Ah, I have seen the world, I have enjoyed the world. I have been mixing with friends, having parties, living an ordinary life, but there is no joy, no satisfaction in it. I have seen that money cannot make me happy, women cannot make me happy, earthly possessions cannot make me happy. What can make me happy? Only God.

(Jajati sings.)

Amar katha bhabi kebal tai parane byatha
kemane hai hasbe mane madhur nirabata
bhabi kebal manda amai amiy amar ari
nemi hiyay tomai prabhu nitya jena smari

(I always think about myself,
That is why my heart is full of pangs.
Alas, how can sweet silence smile in my mind?
I always think ill of myself.
I am my only enemy.
With sanctified heart, may I always remember You, my Lord Supreme.)

JAJATI: The life of pleasure can never satisfy any human being. What man needs is a life of joy and fulfilment. In order to have joy and fulfilment we must swim across the sea of desire and enter into the sea of aspiration. In me the life of desire has totally ended, and now the life of aspiration slowly begins. (He calls aloud.) Puru! Puru!

(Puru wakes up. Jajati goes and touches him.)

JAJATI: Puru, I wish to take back my disease from you. My son, you become King now. Let me take my punishment. I shall pray to God in this state and try to realise God through my prayers and meditation. You have pleased me most, my son, and you have my blessingful love, joy and gratitude. My kingdom is yours. Everything I have is yours.

(Jajati falls down. His body is paralysed. His face becomes aged and wrinkled.)

PURU (gets up as a young man again): Father, I am glad and proud that I have pleased you in your own way. Now, in your life of aspiration, in your life of love for God, I wish God to fulfil you.