Scene 3

(The King’s Guru comes to his own Master.)

MASTER: So? You are becoming famous now. Unconsciously you wanted name and fame, and it shall soon be yours. Thousands and thousands of people will come to know about you and a great many will want to become disciples of the King’s Guru. You have no idea what you have done to your spiritual life. You have taken boundless impurity, ugliness, filth, ignorance and inconscience from the King. You have fallen, you have fallen. You have fallen far beyond your imagination.

(The disciple touches the Master’s feet.)

DISCIPLE: Oh Master, forgive me, forgive me. Please purify me.

MASTER: There is only one way you can be forgiven.

DISCIPLE: Tell me, please. I will do anything.

MASTER: Get a large sign and write on it: “I am fallen, I am fallen. By initiating the King, I am fallen.” Write it down. (The disciple gets a sign and writes it down.) In bold letters.

DISCIPLE: Yes, Master.

MASTER: Now tie it around your neck with some string. (The disciple does it.) Now you must walk around the city and let everyone see what you have done.

DISCIPLE: Oh Master, if the citizens see this, what will happen to me? The King’s anger will know no bounds. He will punish me severely.

MASTER: I know, I know. The King will arrest you, the King will punish you, the King will do everything. But if you want to be forgiven by God, then you have to do it. Only by being sincere and truthful will you be forgiven.

DISCIPLE: What you say is true. I am going. I shall walk along the street with this confession draped around my neck.