Sri Chinmoy and a group of his students from various parts of the world visited the islands of the Philippines in January 1993. Sri Chinmoy came as a student of peace and, in a spirit of learning and sharing of experiences, he had the opportunity to meet with a number of significant figures in the Philippines. This book presents excerpts from those meetings.

Near the end of his visit, as he reflected on his experiences, Sri Chinmoy made the following remarks at the close of the Peace Concert he offered at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on 26 January:

"I have been in the Philippines for over a month, and on various occasions I have offered my deepest love and gratitude to the soul and heart of the Philippines. Also, I was extremely fortunate to have met with the most beloved son of the Philippines, President Fidel Ramos. Personally I was able to offer my deepest love, my deepest gratitude and my deepest admiration to him.

"With utmost humility I am once again offering my heart's boundless love and joy to the most beautiful heart and most powerful soul of the Philippines. From the inmost recesses of my heart I am offering my gratitude, gratitude and gratitude."