Spiritual seekers14

Dear brothers and sisters, dear seekers of the Infinite Truth and Light, this evening I wish to speak about spiritual seekers — that is to say, I wish to speak about ourselves.

Everybody wants something from life. In our case, what do we actually want here on earth? We want Infinity to breathe through us, Eternity to shine through us and Immortality to speak through us. We want Infinity, Eternity and Immortality to play their respective roles in our life of aspiration, realisation, revelation and manifestation. In this life of ours, we want to live in the cosmic Consciousness. Finally, it is our inmost cry to become the cosmic Consciousness itself.

In us is the essence, the quintessence, of the Krishna Consciousness, the Buddha Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness. In us is the significance of God's creation and God's existence. With us is the radiation of Life Divine. For us is the Reality's totality and the Totality's reality.

We have two worlds at our disposal: the inner world and the outer world. The inner world awakens us; the outer world serves us. The inner world liberates us. It makes us aware of the ego-cave, which is created by our feeling of inferiority. The inner world also makes us conscious of the ego-palace, which is founded upon our feeling of superiority. This moment our ego plays with inferiority, and the next moment it plays with superiority. Before we become fully advanced as seekers, we enjoy this game. First we enjoy ourselves by identifying with the little ego, our feeling of inferiority, and then we enjoy our big ego, our superior feeling.

The outer world makes us conscious of our divine dedication, divine devotedness and divine oneness with the world at large. While the inner world is constantly pushing us forward, the outer world is constantly pulling us forward. Lo! we are in the heart-sky of God-realisation, we are in the life-sea of God-perfection.

Unlike unaspiring people, we are freed from the clutches of earthly time. Our sorrowful, hurtful past is buried in oblivion. Also, we have freed ourselves from the illusion and delusion of the future. We do not want to bind ourselves with the tempting and deluding future. Nor do we want to be caught by our present incapacity. We want only to live in eternal Time, the eternal Now that is carrying us into our ever-transcending Goal.

As seekers, we have a loving heart that can offer all the answers for the young, hungry and angry world. The present generation finds a haven in our heart. In our expanding heart the world abides. The world receives Love-Life, Concern-Life and Perfection-Life in the depths of our heart.

As individual seekers, we wish to enter into our Source, to regain our Source once again. Our Source is the growing and glowing Silence. Our Source is the divine, eternal Soundlessness. How do we regain our Source? We know that the Unknown cannot be reached by something known; the Unknown can be reached only by the unknown. Our physical mind is known. Our physical mind with all its doubts, fears, anxieties and insecurities is known to us; therefore our limited physical mind cannot take us to the Unknown. But we also have the heart. The divine potentialities and capacities of the heart are still unknown to us, so the unknown heart we can employ to reach the unknown Reality. Again, the unknowable Reality approaches us very fast when we use the heart to carry us to the Unknown. The Unknowable is the elder brother of the Unknown. When the younger brother is pleased with us, the elder brother comes on his own and loves us, blesses us and fulfils us.

It is said that life is not a dream, but a reality. But in our case, life is a divine dream. In this divine dream, reality is constantly manifesting itself. During our sleep, when we have ordinary dreams in which fear, doubt and anxiety play their respective roles, we have a disturbed and unfulfilled night. Similarly, if we are not confident in our dream-life, then the fulfilling reality cannot be found there. But as seekers we know that fear has left us, doubt has left us, anxiety and worries have left us. Our present and eternal friends are faith, courage, love, adamantine determination and the Source-Light, which is will-power.

When we want to go from the body-consciousness to the soul's height, we fly like a bird, and this bird is called the dream-fulfilling bird. Again, when we want to come down from the soul's height to the body's reality, we are like a bird flying down. We call this bird the reality-manifesting dream.

Since we are seekers, we are divine lovers of God. A divine lover is a divine enjoyer of the world within and the world without. Others suffer, but we do not. We do not suffer precisely because we are not attached to the finite. We do not bind the finite, for we know that when we try to bind the finite, when we claim the finite as our very own, suffering enters into our life. That is because the finite does not last for long. When we possess a thing that is finite, it lasts for a few hours a few days, a few months or years, and then it leaves us. Anything that leaves us creates a sense of loss, and the causes us to suffer. But if we get something eternal, immortal and divine, then we never lose it, and the question of suffering does not arise at all. When we get Peace, Light and Bliss as our very own, when we embody these divine qualities consciously, soulfully and constantly, we feel that we can never lose them, for they have an eternal life. We cannot suffer, for we are one with the Infinite, the Eternal and the Immortal. We are of Infinity, Eternity and Immortality. We are for Infinity, Eternity and Immortality.

We are God-lovers, we are God-believers, we are God-fulfillers. Now, others challenge the God-believer in us. They say, "Where is the proof? Prove God's existence." We tell them that God's existence defies all proof. God is self-existent; He needs no proof. We say to them, "In order to see and feel God's existence, you must have the capacity of receptivity. If you don't keep your eyes open, no matter how many times I tell you that this is my arm, you will simply say that you don't see it. To see God, you have to keep your third eye open." Now, people may also deny the existence of the third eye. But then we tell them, "You may not be aware of the third eye, but you do know that you have a heart. If you want to see and feel the presence of God, you can open your heart-eye. Then you are bound to see God the Infinite Light, Eternal Bliss and Immortal Life. Open your heart's door just once and see if Somebody is entering. If you open it and leave it open, you are bound to see Somebody entering into your heart. At the very beginning, you may consider this guest a stranger, but gradually you will come to feel that He is not a stranger at all. On the contrary, you will discover that He is your eternal Companion, eternal Lover, eternal Beloved."

If one wants to know about a doctor's qualification, one has at least to become a nurse. Similarly, if one wants to know about God, about aspiration, realisation, revelation and manifestation, one has to know at least the ABC of spirituality: sincerity, simplicity and purity. If one does not know the ABC of spiritual life, how will he understand the spiritual life in its highest plane of consciousness? As a nurse, in a very limited measure, can appreciate a great doctor, in the same way a budding seeker can appreciate a spiritual Master in a limited measure. But non-believers and disbelievers do not even know what to look for in a spiritual Master. They have to learn that they can expect from a spiritual Master only those things that the Master embodies: Peace, Light and Bliss. If they expect something else — such as scientific knowledge or political power — then they will be sadly disappointed. They are knocking at the wrong door. If one goes to a grocery, he should ask for food, and not for clothing. A non-believer or disbeliever does not want Peace and Bliss. He feels he does not need these qualities, and he does not seek or recognise them in a spiritual Master.

People are under the impression that a sincere seeker, a real seeker, is totally different from the rest of the world. But why? A sincere seeker is a normal human being. The only difference is that a spiritual person embodies the inner cry for Truth, Light and Bliss, whereas an unspiritual person does not embody this cry.

Now, what is the difference between a spiritual Master and an ordinary human being? The difference is this: an ordinary human being finds it extremely difficult to believe in the existence of God all the time in his day-to-day life. For an ordinary person it is simply impossible to believe that God thinks of him and meditates on him twenty-four hours a day. But a spiritual Master knows that God is not only constantly thinking of each individual but also dreaming His Reality in and through each person. A spiritual Master eats, works and does all the other necessary things in life, but his attitude is totally different from that of an ordinary man. When he talks to an individual, he feels he is talking to the Inner Pilot, to the Supreme in that person. When he eats, he feels that he is feeding his Beloved, the Supreme. There is always something divine in his approach to reality, an everlasting divinity in his everyday activities. Just because he is a spiritual Master, this does not mean that he will have an unusual appearance. No! He is a human being, but in his inner life he embodies Peace, Light and Bliss in infinite measure. And he offers Peace, Light and Bliss to those who are in need of these qualities.

Those who have a genuine inner cry, God will bless with the capacity of receptivity. Once they develop receptivity, God fills their inner vessel with Divinity, Eternity and Immortality.

MMT 15. University of Windsor, Law Building, Windsor, Ontario, 27 March 1974

Sri Chinmoy, My Maple Tree, Bhakti Press, 1974