[Following the previous talk, Sri Chinmoy blessed Gariyan [Mr. Richard Butler], a disciple of his Ottawa Centre.]

Sri Chinmoy: On behalf of all the Canadian disciples, Gariyan, you are receiving my most sincere blessingful gratitude. You have played the role of the hero-leader during this divine experience of our dedicated service here in Canada. We have been serving the manifestation of the supreme Light of our eternal Guru, the Supreme Himself. For your untiring selfless service the Supreme in me is offering His deepest Love and blessingful Gratitude. On behalf of all your Canadian sisters and brothers who are in our boat, the boat that will carry us to the Golden Shores of the ever-transcending Beyond, you are receiving my divine joy and pride. Each brother and sister disciple of yours is receiving my blessing, gratitude and pride through you.

To each of you I offer my love, my concern, my blessing, my gratitude And these divine qualities I wish to grow inside the very depth of each disciple of mine. Tomorrow I shall be leaving for New York, but my heart of gratitude will remain here in Canada.

Sri Chinmoy, My Maple Tree, Bhakti Press, 1974