Dear sisters and brothers, this evening I wish to give a talk on oneness from the spiritual point of view. You are my Canadian sisters and brothers and I am your Indian brother. I come to realise this fact only when I live in the soul. If I live in the body, then you are Canadians and I am an Indian and there is a huge wall that separates us.

Oneness is the only relationship that can forever last, because all human beings are either conscious or unconscious sharers of one divine and supreme Reality. For the unconscious sharers, dissatisfaction is the deplorable reality. If we are unconscious sharers, the body-consciousness separates us, the vital personality separates us, the mental individuality separates us. But for the conscious sharers, there is only the psychic unity. If we are conscious sharers, the psychic unity awakens us, illumines us, fulfils us and immortalises us. The human personality is a grain of sand on the shore of Infinity. If I maintain an existence separate and different from yours, then I need you to be my supplement and my complement. But our human unity ultimately blossoms into divine oneness. If I am one with you and you are one with me, then together we will grow into the highest Reality. Together we will increase our length, depth and height. Eternity's rest will welcome us, Infinity's breath will shake hands with us, Immortality's height will embrace us.

In this world, we notice that one thing alternates with another. Day alternates with night, fear alternates with courage, doubt alternates with faith, self-love alternates with God-love. But when we become unconditionally surrendered seekers of God, our oneness with God never alternates.

With our human ego we try to establish oneness with others. We feel that we have more capacity than others, so therefore we are entitled to oneness with them. But if we try to use ego as an instrument to establish oneness, then we will never succeed. Our oneness with others entirely depends on our soulful love. If we use the reasoning mind, then we can never discover love within us. If we use the demanding vital, then we can never discover love within us. But if we use the loving, fulfilling heart, then oneness becomes a reality in our day-to-day life.

When we are sincere, we feel that God loves us. When we pray, we feel that God belongs to us. When we meditate, we feel that we are of God. Our sincerity leads us along the right path. Our prayer accelerates our speed. Our meditation brings the goal nearer to us.

Here we are all seekers. This means that God is within us and God is for us. This is not imagination, but a reality that we can experience in our everyday life. We start our journey with religious training. Each religion is absolutely right in its own way. All the religions are branches of the one God-Tree. The Tree has established its oneness with the branches, and the branches have established their oneness with the Tree. The seekers do not all use the same branch to climb up the Tree; they use different branches. And sometimes they claim that their branch is the only branch to climb up to the top. But if the seekers are sincere, then they come to realise that all the branches belong to the same Tree. The same oneness pervades the Tree, the branches, the leaves, the fruits and the flowers. God was one, but He wanted to become many. When He became many, He did not lose His oneness. The dance of God's unity in multiplicity and multiplicity in unity we call God's eternal Game. God and we are both playing this game. The sincere and devoted seekers are very aware of their inseparable oneness with God, the unity in multiplicity. For the insincere seekers and for the non-seekers, though, it takes time. Unless and until they become sincere seekers, their conscious oneness with God will remain a far cry.

When evening sets in, the glow-worms offer their light. They feel that it is they who are illumining the entire sky. A few hours later the stars appear. Immediately the light of the glow-worms becomes insignificant, and their pride is smashed. After some time, the moon appears. When the moon appears, the stars pale into insignificance. Finally, the day dawns and the sun brilliantly illumines the whole world. The glow-worms, the stars and the moon all come to realise that it is the sun that illumines the entire world, that it is the sun that has boundless light. In the spiritual life, we eventually come to realise that there is an inner sun. The inner sun is infinitely brighter than the outer sun. When we bring to the fore this inner sun on the strength of our aspiration, we establish our inseparable oneness with the world at large.

Most of us here are sincere seekers; only a few have come out of curiosity. But I wish to say that even those who have come out of curiosity have done the right thing in coming to tonight's meeting. For today's curiosity will turn into tomorrow's sincere cry for Reality. Aspiration is the key to unlock the door of universal oneness, and those seekers who are really sincere already have the key. For them God's Hour has struck. And at God's Hour, the chosen instrument of God begins to spread the message of Light and Delight.

Our sense of immortality, our sense of spirituality, our sense of an inner bond, compels us to feel the necessity of oneness. Oneness is our transcendental Light and oneness is our eternal Delight.

MMT 3. Laval University, Pavillon Lemieux, Quebec City, 19 March 1974

Sri Chinmoy, My Maple Tree, Bhakti Press, 1974