23 December 2004 (I)

My Supreme,
My Supreme!

I pray to You to keep me
As a Compassion-beggar of Yours
Forever and forever.
My Supreme, You are telling me,
"My child, if you are not going to be
My Victory-fighter,
My Victory-proclaimer
And My Mission-on-earth-fulfiller,
Then who will be,
Who will be, My child?"

My Supreme,
My Supreme!

23 December 2004, 6:09 a.m. Qingdao, China. Seated double-dumbbell lift: 809 lbs.

Songs: 1. Amar jiban amar maran 2. Pranam janate karibona deri

The Eternal Beginner (Blue violin): Jatri chale jatri chale