Editor's preface to the first edition

On 4 December 1998, Sri Chinmoy left New York for his annual Christmas trip. During the following two months, he travelled to Hawaii, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Nepal. He took with him some of his main pieces of exercise equipment and thus was able to continue his early morning workouts in each new venue, with the exception of India and Nepal.

This book contains the prayers that Sri Chinmoy offered daily before beginning each new lift. Speaking about the prayers, Sri Chinmoy has said, “Every day, with folded hands, I give these prayers for you, for humanity. I do this not for myself. I do it for all my spiritual children. I do not think about what I am going to say on any particular day. I just throw myself into the Universal Consciousness and identify myself with this person or that person. It is like plucking a flower from a garden. The flower that I like most, I take. I see that one particular prayer is most appropriate for that person on that day. Tomorrow I will identify with someone else. It is all oneness, oneness, oneness. Where my spiritual children are, I also am there. If you take me to hell, even there I will go, but with the hope that one day I will be able to bring you to Heaven.”