The Master speaks to the Puerto Rican disciples, 1966-1972

First published by Agni Press in 1993. Published on with the permission of Sri Chinmoy. This is the 931st book written by Sri Chinmoy after he came to the West in 1964.

Table of Contents

Sri Chinmoy speaks about Sudha

Three visions of Sri Chinmoy when he meditated on D

Interview with Mrs. Carmen B. Gaya, Sudha's aunt

Question answered at the San Juan Centre on 13 October 1967

Fourth anniversary of Sri Chinmoy's arrival in the West

Questions From Miss Dorothy Eisaman (Akuti), a nurse In San Juan


A question and answer period followed this talk.

Question and Answer Period

Question asked by Alo Devi at the Aum Centre in San Juan on 8 November 1969

Question answered after a discussion on the Life of Christ at The Aum Centre in San Juan on November 8, 1969

The Master confers spiritual names on seven selected Puerto Rican disciples