Interviewer: Now we are going to end this morning's "Reflections." I want to read out one poem you have written, called "The Absolute." And while I read it we will hear the music of Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar again. But before we end, I would like to go around the table and ask each of you for one very short sentence about what life really means to you now.

Ms Siegerman: For me, the meaning of life is to know what one really is, to discover one's inner life, which is the soul, the representative of God in the human body. And when we find the soul, then our lives find purpose, meaning, joy and fulfilment.

Mrs Plumbly: It means development and progress, spiritual progress.

Interviewer: Something which is so lacking in many people's lives.

Mr Orsell: For me it has taken me from sadness and frustration to joy. I think joy, divine joy, is what life really means to me.

Interviewer: Master, for once you are not going to have the final word. But, in a way, you will have the final word, because I am going to read your poem. This is a poem by Sri Chinmoy, called "The Absolute."