Editor's introduction to the first edition

My rose petals

The rose, "a flower for love, a flower for kings", as deemed by one of England's greatest poets, Robert Herrick. The rose, whose petals, as unique and fascinating as individual snowflakes, represent the lectures in this book, is the flower for love, the flower of love, for the basis of all Sri Chinmoy's writings is love. He says, "For those who want to follow the spiritual path … Love Divine is the answer. In Love Divine looms large and important the seeker's real fulfilment and perfect perfection. This is the easiest path."

This also the flower for kings, for those who follow the truths soulfully offered in these pages become inner kings among men, as is Sri Chinmoy himself.

Born in Bengal in 1931, Sri Chinmoy has brought light and truth to hundreds of seekers throughout the world. This series of talks marks the advent of Sri Chinmoy's divine service to Europe. He says he comes only to serve us, to serve the divinity in us and Europe has yet to feel the full extent of his service to her with his "Rose Petals".

Isaiah wrote, "The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose", and so it shall. The European mind has long been fertile land, though often approaching the fertility of a jungle. The European heart — spiritual heart — has long resembled the desert, with many thirsty for spiritual knowledge and peace. In the autumn of 1970, Sri Chinmoy came to fulfil Europe's agelong thirst for spirituality. Each one of these divinely inspired talks holds within it the key to all the questions unanswered by the intellectual minds of Europe for many years. Each one absolutely embodies the divine fragrance of the highest wisdom, offering to each and everyone a priceless gem.

Sri Chinmoy comes to us, not just with the lofty heights and deepest truths of India's scriptures, but also with the ever-expanding horizons of his own inner Realisation. Europe has been truly blessed with the shedding of these sublime 'Petals' on her shores.