Act IV, Scene 2

(Matsyendranath’s ashram, six years later. Several disciples are seated in meditation. Enter Gorakshanath.)

GORAKSHANATH: Where is my Master? Where is Matsyendranath? I wish to see him.

FIRST DISCIPLE: We can’t tell you where Master is.

GORAKSHANATH: Please tell me. I have not seen him for six years. I was his dearest disciple.

SECOND DISCIPLE: You were his dearest disciple? Then how is it that you have not been near him for six years? When a disciple leaves his Master for such a long period of time he loses all his position and all his prestige. You are no longer the Master’s dearest disciple, if you ever were, which I doubt.

THIRD DISCIPLE: You are just trying to make yourself important, but if you were really the Master’s dearest disciple then you would immediately listen to his command. He told us that nobody should be allowed to know where he is.

GORAKSHANATH: What! Will nobody tell me where my Master is, when I have waited six years to see him and travelled from one end of India to the other?

FIRST DISCIPLE: An order is an order. Master said nobody was to know where he is.

GORAKSHANATH (furious): I shall curse you if you don’t tell me instantly where my Master is! For twelve years you will have no rain at all in this land. That means no crops, no food, no drinking water. All of you will die of starvation if you stay here. Only on condition that you bring my Master back here will this curse be lifted before the end of twelve years.