Dr Robert Muller: The United Nations is the incredible place where human oneness is seeking itself in the endless diversity of the prodigy of life. How is it possible, then, that so few people recognise this great blessing?

Sri Chinmoy: I fully agree with your description of the United Nations. Now, how is it possible that so few people recognise this great blessing? Most human beings are apt to wallow in the pleasures of ignorance. For them, there is no higher reality. For them, there is no necessity for Heaven-freedom. They are totally satisfied with their earthbound lives. Anything that is challenging, demanding, vast and high, they fail to recognise, for they are vehemently unwilling to awaken their acceptance-capacity and widen their receptivity-capacity. What they have is more than enough for them. What they do not have they feel is not only worthless and useless, but also an object of laughter-evoking mockery. These unfortunate souls, to our extreme sorrow, are denying their own real reality and weakening their own true capacity. Finally, they are binding themselves to an extremely narrow vision that is the precursor of utter destruction.

When God-lovers and Truth-seekers see the sun, they try to become inseparably one with its creative force, illumining reality and fulfilling divinity. Again, there are thousands of people on earth who do not or cannot do so. But just because they do not or cannot do so, they are in no way deprived of the sun’s benevolent light. The sun unconditionally gives its light and warmth to all those who are living on this earth-planet. But a day shall dawn, although it may take millennia, when each and every human being will recognise what a great blessing the sun is. They will then accept the sun lovingly and its gift gratefully. Similar is the experience that the wisdom-power of the United Nations soul — which is a great, new blessing to all and sundry — will give to each and every human being that has ever trod the earth-arena.