Question: What should be the attitude of those who work at the United Nations?1

Sri Chinmoy: Each individual connected with the United Nations in any capacity must be worthy of the word 'united.' At the United Nations we are trying to unite all the nations, to establish world peace and world harmony. This is a very lofty goal. Some people are conscious of this goal, but they do not take it seriously. Others are not even conscious of it. They feel they happen to work here just as they might happen to be at any other job. But each person who serves the United Nations in any capacity must feel that his job is a golden opportunity to serve God's Oneness-Vision. God could have given the golden opportunity to somebody else, but He gave it to us. So there should be no fear, no doubt, no anxiety, no worry — only gratitude.

  1. MUN 102. 16 April 1976.