Dr Robert Muller: I often feel that all my speaking and writing is just a drop of water on an infertile field of blindness and disbelief. What more can one do?

Sri Chinmoy: Revered brother, your speaking world and your writing world are not just a drop of water. Far from it! They are oceans of life-transforming light. Today's "infertile field of blindness and disbelief" need not and cannot remain so forever, for God's Vision of the infinite Beyond is infinitely more powerful than the man-made blindness and disbelief of a barren and confusing unreality.

What more can we do? We can try to climb up untiringly God's Patience-Tower and watch from the highest Height until God's God-Hour strikes. At God's choice Hour, the stark blindness and rank disbelief of humanity will be inundated with the ever-illumining Light and ever-immortalising Delight of Eternity's Beyond, which is slowly, steadily and unerringly manifesting itself on our earth-planet. When God's choice Hour strikes, you and all those who are sailing in God's Aspiration-Boat will offer tears of sleepless gratitude to the Source, our Beloved Supreme, who out of His boundless Bounty has made you His illumining Vision-seer and His fulfilling Reality-pioneer.