Question: Is there any way that we can meditate specifically to help the United Nations?1

Sri Chinmoy: Inside your heart there is the soul, the direct representative of God. You know that if you pray and meditate every day, your soul will come to the fore and you will have abiding satisfaction in life. Please feel that the United Nations also has a soul. Inside the body of the United Nations, inside this building, there is a most powerful, most illumining and most fulfilling soul, which has to be brought forward. If you can feel the presence of the soul of the United Nations during your meditation, then your meditation will be most helpful.

All those who are working at the United Nations are unconsciously being illumined by the soul of the United Nations. And when they work for the United Nations most devotedly and selflessly, they are aspiring in their own way and doing their own form of meditation. The soul of the United Nations offers each worker its special blessings and gratitude.

The soul of the United Nations embodies the dream of the United Nations: peace, brotherhood and oneness founded upon self-giving and the recognition of the universality of man. If you can cultivate these sublime ideas or ideals during your meditation, you will most effectively and most fruitfully help the soul of the United Nations.

  1. MUN 121. 17 May 1974.