Question: How can we have oneness with our fellow workers?1

Sri Chinmoy: If your fellow workers are not spiritual or spiritually inclined, then you have to exercise more compassion and sacrifice.

If somebody needs more kindness and affection, then you should be ready to give it to that person — not according to what he deserves but according to your own heart's magnanimity. If somebody is nasty to you or is not helping you in your work, you have to take it as a challenge to become extra nice, extra kind and extra sweet so that you can bring forward the good qualities in that person. Some people are good, some are bad. If we treat bad ones the way they treat us, we will enter into the animal world. So we have to work in a divine way and try to conquer them through patience, concern and love.

  1. MUN 127. 18 July 1975.