Question: How can I feel that my small job at the United Nations is really important to the total spirit of the United Nations?1

Sri Chinmoy: Each drop in the ocean is essential. You may be holding a very insignificant job, but without you and all the other drops, there will be no ocean. It is the unification, the combination, of countless drops that makes the ocean. Like you, there are many who make up the United Nations. If all are excluded precisely because they are not Secretaries-General or because they are not holding high posts, then there would be no United Nations.

When a house is built, there are many bricks and many nails. If one or two bricks are missing, there will be a hole. The walls will not be strong and the foundation will not be secure. So each worker, no matter how insignificant his task, is necessary in order to keep the body and the soul of the United Nations together.

The whole United Nations — right from the Secretary-General to the lowest worker — is only one body, one soul and one reality, which is composed of glowing thoughts and glowing ideals. Some individuals have perhaps a little more light than others, but it is the combination of everybody's light that transforms the whole into glowing reality.

  1. MUN 131. 16 November 1976.