Question: You have started offering songs to the Peace Meditation Group to sing at our United Nations meetings, and I was wondering if you could expound upon the purpose of this?1

Sri Chinmoy: Music is a universal language; it is the easiest and most effective way for the heart to unite the inner world with the fragmented outer world. Not only the words but also the melodies of these songs embody my aspiration, my realisation and my dedicated oneness. When something embodies aspiration, we feel that it is serving the Divine in us. When the members of the Peace Meditation Group perform these songs, they should feel that they are offering their aspiration in the form of dedication. Those who are listening to the songs will be offering their aspiration by meditating. Meditation does not mean remaining in a remote place with your eyes and ears shut. Meditation is a form of self-dedication that comes from aspiration. Those who are singing can offer their aspiration and dedicated service through their soulful music, and those who are listening soulfully and devotedly can be doing their best meditation.

If you are trying to aspire, soulful songs will definitely add to your aspiration. Each song is like an additional plant in your aspiration-garden. Naturally, the more plants you have, the more beautiful flowers you will be able to get.

When a soulful song is soulfully sung, it gives us tremendous inner joy, and this makes our heart expand. If we are wise, we shall use every means at our disposal to expand our heart to become one with the entire world. A song is like a seed. The seed will germinate and grow into a tree, which will offer many flowers and fruits. The fragrance and beauty of the flowers will increase our aspiration, and the fruit will give us immortal joy. So these soulful songs will give us the message of Immortality by helping us to become one with the universal light and the universal delight, which they embody.

  1. MUN 137. 23 April 1976.

Sri Chinmoy, My meditation-service at the United Nations for twenty-five years.First published by Agni Press in 1995.

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